Finding An Automotive Repair Shop

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Every corner of the United States has access to an auto repair shop nearby. It’s the main source of transportation for the vast majority of the population, so business is always going to be steady. Despite there being countless options, they aren’t all equal. 

It take time and effort to find the right automotive repair shop. What should you be looking for when searching? At the very least, consider a few of these basics.

Ask friends and family recommendations first

There are a lot of different ways to research auto repair near me options. The problem is, it is hard to tell a lot from reviews online at times. Some companies pay to have fake reviews written for them. Other companies just don’t care about their online reputation, so they might only have reviews from angry customers years ago. It’s just becoming increasingly difficult to tell what is true from online reviews.

Friends and family are going to give a much more honest recommendation. Just about everyone has gone through an auto repair or two in their day, so they can share experiences and really help out. Don’t be afraid to ask people in person, or even through a social network.

Target repair shops that focus on specific brands

There are a lot of general repair shops out there, but just about every garage is going to have a specialization. Finding a repair shop that specializes in your brand of vehicle is going to ensure that they have up-to-date information on how to fix things quickly and efficiently.

This is a particularly important tip for those people who have premium, uncommon vehicles. Taking a Porsche to a repair shop that mostly works on Ford trucks isn’t going to make much sense.

Ask about certifications

Surprising to some, there are a lot of repair shops that are actually operating without proper certification. If things do not exactly look like they are legitimate, ask for proof of certification before getting started. 

It also helps to look them up on the Better Business Bureau website. There might be some information out there that makes a repair shop look like something to avoid.

Get a smaller repair done first

Need a major repair on your vehicle? It can be really intimidating to go to a new repair shop and trust in them with something major. Test them out first and see if they provide quality service. 

Something very simple like an oil change can tell a lot about how a shop operates. You’ll get to see if they are prompt in service and easy to work with.

Consider convenience

If you are extremely dependent on your vehicle, sometimes there is not a lot of time to wait for the perfect mechanic. In that case, convenience is really going to play a major factor in the decision.

There is still a little bit of time to be selective, but availability is huge. Look for a shop that is close by, has convenient hours that fit your schedule and has a reputation of staying on time. Otherwise, you could be looking at needing a rental.

Final thoughts

Finding a reputable auto repair shop is not always the easiest thing in the world, but there are plenty of honest mechanics out there to turn to. At Vic’s automotive, we strive to provide our local area with great service. Those searching for auto repair Guthrie Oklahoma, auto repair Edmond Oklahoma, or any area close by should give us a call at 405-448-8293 for any repair, big or small.

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