Get Your Car’s Air Conditioning Fixed By Vic’s Automotive

car air conditioning repair
Mechanic with manometer inspecting auto vehicle air-condition compresser with manometer.

It is hard to enjoy the summer with a hot car. Can you imagine the scenario of going to the office in a car whose air conditioner had broken down? Handing it over to the first company you find online that offers car air conditioning repair services might not be a good idea. There have been cases in which the technicians of shady companies have used spurious parts, imported from third world countries to complete an auto air conditioning repair job. In 90% of such cases, the cooling system breaks down after a couple of weeks. Since the company involved did not offer any warranty, the owners of those vehicles could not take any legal steps against them.

This is where we stand apart from the rest. We at Vic’s Automotive are the leading auto air conditioning repair specialists in Oklahoma. We take extra care when you entrust your car air conditioner repair job to us. Our factory-trained technicians are well versed in detecting auto air conditioning problems and solving them irrespective of the model of the air conditioner. Our car air conditioning service specialists, armed with state of the art diagnostic tools, will visit your place, diagnose the problem, and fix your auto’s AC using original spares. Besides, they will give a warranty. If the replaced part malfunctions within the warranty period, we shall fix it free of cost. By free, we mean the value of both labor and parts.

An auto air conditioner is susceptible to different types of problems, many of which require a professional to detect. You should contact us for your auto air conditioning service the moment you have any doubts that your auto’s AC is not functioning correctly. Preventive maintenance prevents problems from escalating, ensuring that you do not have to pay an inflated bill. Call us at 405-448-8293 or fill out our online form at for an obligation free quote.


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