My Car Air Conditioning Is Blowing Hot Air. What Now?

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Mechanic pumps freon into the car air conditioning system. Conditioner inspection in auto-service

If you parked your car under the sun, then you will probably find it baking hot inside upon taking a seat. The trapped heat will continue to warm up the interiors until it reaches unbearable levels. Fortunately, we can always count on air conditioning to help cool us down. But what if the AC is actually blowing hot air? Learn about the possible causes before heading to a repair shop.

Faulty Condenser

The condenser can be found at the front of the car. Its job is to cool down the hot refrigerant using the outside air. Given its location, it is vulnerable to clogs due to dirt and debris. Clogged condensers are inefficient coolers. This component can also be punctured by rocks and other hard objects. Check for signs of damage. Remove clogs if you can and have it replaced if necessary. 

Broken Fans

The fans also help in cooling the refrigerant. If they stop working, then the substance will remain hot and cause car air conditioning blowing hot air. This may be due to a chipped fan blade, a burnt out motor, or an electrical issue. 

Refrigerant Leak

Low refrigerant level can also lead to car air conditioning not working. Leaks can develop over time, depleting the volume until it drastically affects performance. The leaks will have to be found and sealed to prevent further depletion. A refrigerant recharge may be necessary.

Electrical Issue

Faulty sensors and bad connections can prevent a cooling system from working as it should. It may fail to start or shut down without warning. Leave the diagnosis and solution to an experienced technician.

Auto Air Conditioning Repair Near Me

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