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air conditioning repair service guthrie oklahoma
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Most automobiles nowadays feature air conditioners as a standard feature. This equipment keeps the interior of the vehicle cool and allows passengers inside the vehicle to enjoy a comfortable ride during the sweltering summer season. However,  if this feature does develop problems, and when it does the owner of the vehicle typically search online for auto air conditioning repair near me, and contact the first company they find on the search result and request them to send their technician to fix the problem. However, in case the mechanic lacks sufficient training about the specific model and make of the auto AC, he might end up doing more harm than good. On the contrary, instead of searching online for auto air conditioning repair near my location, the individual should contact their relatives, friends, neighbors, and colleagues and take advice from them to find the best auto air conditioning repair service in the city.

Auto air conditioning repair professionals

Vic’s Automotive offers the best auto air conditioning repair in Guthrie OK. Our team of factory trained professionals, armed with the latest diagnostic tools, will locate the problem with your automobile’s AC, and fix it using original parts and include a warranty on the replaced part. Contact us, in case the replaced part malfunctions within the warranty period. We will have our technician to repair or replace the part free of a parts charge.  Check with us on labor too. We have, over the years, developed a reputation of being the most trusted auto air conditioning repair near 73044.

Points to ponder

Remember, auto air conditioners rarely break down suddenly. The problem develops over time. Therefore, check for the following issues. If they occur, it means problems with the auto’s AC unit. Get hold of a professional technician to fix the issue before it escalates and causes severe damages to the AC unit.

• Moisture: An air conditioner, apart from lowering the temperature of the air inside your auto by forcing out warm air, also dries (the AC also acts as a dehumidifier), and cleans the air inside your vehicle. If debris or moisture contaminates the AC installed in your car, it will fail to cool the air inside it.

• Pungent odors: Fungi, bacteria, and various types of micro-organisms can develop inside your car, especially during the winter season when you do not use your vehicle’s AC unit. The damp and dark interior of the AC unit is the perfect breeding ground for them. You can identify their presence if you sense a pungent odor inside your vehicle.

• Low Refrigeration Level: The refrigerant is the fuel of your auto’s air conditioner. Their quantity diminishes by 10 to 15% every year. This loss, ironically, takes place during the winter season when the AC unit is not in use, since its seals dry out plus impact the productivity of the AC unit. Our technicians will determine the quantity of refrigerant present in your vehicle’s AC with a pressure meter, and solve the problem, if any, by refilling refrigerant gas in the AC’s tanks.

Enhance the longevity of your auto AC unit by allowing us to inspect it and fix any problems before they damage the unit. Contact us today for a no obligation quote.

For automotive air conditionging repair in Guthrie Oklahoma call Vic’s Automotive at 405-448-8293 or you can visit our website.

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