The Importance Of Brake Servicing And Repair

brake service and repair Guthrie Oklahoma
Low-angle view of an experienced auto mechanic checking the disk brake rotors of the car of a female customer, in a modern automobile repair shop

Brakes are one of the most important parts of your vehicle and contribute to its safe operation. Most of us drive every day and think little of our braking system, unless something goes wrong. When searching for brake repair and service Guthrie Oklahoma, Vic’s Automotive is happy to help. 

Automotive Brake Systems

Most cars have disc brakes or drum brakes and some have both, with disc brakes in the front and drums in the rear. Some older vehicles may have drum brakes on all four wheels. Modern brake systems are hydraulic in nature. Braking systems include parts that can wear out and need to be replaced, such as the pads and rotors. If the pads are replaced regularly, the rotors often do not need to be replaced. 

Excessive pad wear can cause grooves in the rotors, which sometimes can be resurfaced but in severe cases must be replaced. Many brake pads have sensors which alert the driver when pads are in need of replacement, including electronic sensors, which cause a warning light to display or physical sensors, which make an obvious audible alert.

Other parts that can need servicing or repair can include the brake lines, drums and shoes, or the emergency brake. The emergency brake is usually either a cable or a pair of cables that is connected to the braking system and stops the car. If these cables break, they must be replaced.  

Brake Service or Brake Repair

Pads and rotors wear out, depending on driving habits, the environment, and even the material that the rotors and pads are made of. Drivers who slam on their brakes a lot will often find that they need to be replaced more often. Driving in steep mountains and stop and go traffic can cause more wear than driving on straight country roads. Brake pads can be created of metal, organic materials, or even ceramic, and wear and tear can differ for all types. Usually, brakes can last for around 50,000 miles, but that can vary. For stellar brake service or repair, be sure to visit Vic’s Automotive. They can be found online at or you can call (405) 448-8293.

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