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air conditioning service for autos Guthrie Oklahoma
Manometer being used to gauge air conditioning pressure in auto vehicle at garage

When the air conditioning fails in your car or truck, the problem doesn’t affect your ability to drive, yet it can sure make driving uncomfortable, especially during the height of summer heat. Most of the time, the problem doesn’t happen all at once. Most of the time it’s a gradual process, with drivers and passenger alike realizing that something is wrong. When you suspect you need auto air conditioning repair, the place to go to is Vic’s Automotive AC Repair. Our experienced technicians will diagnose and quickly repair whatever issue you have with your vehicle’s climate system at affordable rates.

Several reasons can contribute to a lack of sufficient air conditioning in your vehicle. It takes experienced mechanics to give you the auto air conditioning repair Guthrie Oklahoma residents trust. One of the most common problems is the lack of sufficient refrigerant in the system. Vic’s Automotive AC repair can head off such problems with an air conditioner service check.

Checking Your System for Problems

A thorough car air conditioning repair service check will look for issues such as leaks, low levels of refrigerant and other issues that can affect your vehicle’s system. Other problems such as accumulated mold or worn parts in the system can also necessitate auto or truck air conditioning repair.

Signs That You Need Air Conditioning Service

Often, your vehicle will give off telltale signs that you need to get the auto air conditioning repair Edmond Oklahoma residents trust. These include:

• Vents blowing warm air, which usually indicates insufficient levels of refrigerant in your system

• A foul smell in your vehicle when the air conditioning is turned on, generally caused by a buildup of mold or other substances such as dirt inside the system

• Banging or rattling sounds during operation, indicating faulty parts that need replacement or repair

• Puddles of water or stains on the floorboard of your car under the dashboard could indicate faulty or clogged hoses

Detecting and Fixing the Problem

While you may think it’s an easy task, it’s not, you need the services of qualified automotive technicians such as those found at Vic’s Automotive to do the job correctly. Yes, you could add refrigerant to the system, but you may not do it in the right way. 

Likewise, detecting a leak can be difficult because refrigerant evaporates o9n contact with air. That makes visual detection virtually impossible Our staff has the equipment needed to determine when and where leaks have occurred.

Among the tasks that our technicians will perform include outlet temperature analysis to determine system efficiency, check pressure readings, possible introduction of a special dye into the system to determine where leaks may be with the aid of ultraviolet light, addition of refrigerant if needed and recommendation of appropriate repairs to worn out parts, if needed.

Our technicians have also completed training through EPA-certified air conditioning programs so you can rest assured that servicing and repair will be properly performed.

Contact the professional at Vic’s Automotive today to get the AC repair that your vehicle needs. Call 405-448-8293 or on the web at our website.

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